Our Mission

Indiana University is endowed with a body of professors and students with unique strengths and capabilities in the study of food. In addition to the Anthropology Department’s track in Food Studies, university students have teamed together to bring you new and fascinating morsels regarding food and people.

The mission of The Indiana Food Review is to showcase current trends and areas of interest in the interdisciplinary field of Food Studies, through the publication of original work produced by members and supporting contributors. The Indiana Food Review includes diverse forms, ranging from literature reviews to commentary on policy, popular culture, and recent scholarship, from reports on research and its applications to compilation of relevant resources. The aims of the publication are manifold and include:

1)  to offer an easily accessible resource to the public that reviews contemporary themes and issues in the developing and multivalent field of Food Studies, thus also providing cohesion it;

2)  to offer student members the opportunity to gain experience in writing for scholarly publication and in managing the tasks related to editorship and organizational leadership; and

3)  to promote the scholarly work done at Indiana University generally, and specifically in the Food Studies Concentration in the Department of Anthropology.