AAA 2012

The 2012 Association for American Anthropology Annual Meeting occurs from November 15th -18th in San Francisco. Look around here for updates on some of the key panels and presentations relevant to Food Studies. We will be updating this blog live from this year’s conference, and maybe in addition to some food for thought, dine on some tasty coastal delights ourselves.

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  1. Rick Wilk says:

    Had excellent Mexican food last night at Colibri two blocks from the hotel. One of the best guacamoles I have ever eaten! The mole sauce had a kick but the chicken beneath was rubbery and bland.
    So far I have heard no food papers. Too many other duties. I did see a bushel of new food books in the book exhibit. I will try to post pictures tomorrow.

  2. admin says:

    Sounds delicious. It is the great fortune of food scholars to be able to dine and talk all in the name of research. We also recommend katana ya nearby for ramen.

    Also, note that three of Rick Wilk’s books are on sale at the Berg table…which had a little wine tasting today around 3:30.

  3. Rick wilk says:

    I keep seeing food studies students in passing and they always look like they are having a good time! Among so many glum and serious faces you all stand out- and you remind everyone that anthropology is supposed to be fun, as well as serious business. San Francisco is a great place to have some fun too. Ate steak tartare at a French bistro for lunch, with berg editor Louise picking up the bill. I recommend befriending editors with expense accounts.

  4. Rick Wilk says:

    Extremely professional panel put together by Leigh Bush at the AAA meetings this morning. A fine public face for the IU food studies program. Great presentations by Maddie, Adrianne and Leigh – many congratulations, and next time you won’ t be on Sunday morning! It is going to be fun taking you around to publishers in a couple of years at the AAA to get your brilliant books published.

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